Dealing with Summertime Sewer Problems

It’s already summertime in Roanoke, and while everything seems green and beautiful above ground, there could be a lurking problem just below the ground in and around your home. It’s the perfect time for sewer problems to make a mess of your wonderful summer. Summertime Sewer Blues During the summer, more people are using your

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Preventing Sewer Problems in Your Roanoke Home

Nobody wants to face sewer problems in their Roanoke home. What goes down the drain should stay down. Sometimes, though, it doesn’t, and it’s time to call a licensed plumber. The most obvious sign of a sewer line problem is sewage backing up into the home through the toilet or sink drains. That’s pretty gross.

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Tell-tale signs your Roanoke home has a sewer line issue

If your plumbing trouble extends beyond your house, we may have to sink to new lows. Sometimes slow-draining toilets and sinks are symptoms of a major plumbing issue in a Roanoke home, not just minor problems. They can mean your main sewer line needs maintenance. Potential issues run the gamut, from roots intruding into your

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