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6 Easy Ways to Reduce Water Usage in Your Roanoke Home

You don’t want to send your water down the drain unless it does something useful for you, such as washing your dishes, your clothes or yourself, or irrigating your lawn. Who wants to pay for water if it’s going to waste? As your trusted Roanoke plumber, Southern Trust Home Services has some useful tips on

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Southern Trust offers tips to reduce water consumption in Roanoke this summer

Water is truly the stuff of life, but the cost of its use – and misuse – can add up quickly, especially in the summer. Even though Roanoke is blessed to be in the relatively rainy Blue Ridge, water is still a commodity that comes with a cost. Here are five ways to reduce water

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Only three things should go down your toilet: Toilet paper and items No. 1 and 2

In the United Kingdom, they call them fatbergs. They are giant conglomerates of grease, sanitary products, wet wipes and other unmentionables that are all flushed down toilets and wreak havoc on municipal wastewater treatment centers. Flush carefully. Flush responsibly. Remember, there are only three things that should be flushed down your Roanoke toilet: Toilet paper, and

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