Christmas Lights on a House
Save Energy (and Money) During the Holidays

It’s inevitable that we’re all going to use more energy during the holidays with the lights and decorations, plus all the cooking and cleaning can give your water heater and electrical system a workout. But there’s no need to throw up your hands. Here are a few suggestions from the Roanoke heating experts at Southern

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Hand holding electric plug for charging electric car.Hand holding electric plug for charging electric car.
Can Your Roanoke Electrical System Handle a Tesla or Other Electric Vehicle?

So, you finally made the jump to an electric vehicle, but you’re realizing that wimpy cord they gave you at the dealership just isn’t cutting it. But before you install a dedicated charger in your garage, here’s what you need to know about your Roanoke electrical system from Southern Trust Home Services.  Your Electric Car

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Go Digital with Smart Thermostats & Tankless Water Heaters
Upgrade to a Digital Thermostat, Go Tankless for Smart Holiday Savings

We’re pretty sure that Roanoke homeowners have better things to do with their money during the holidays than waste it on unnecessary heating costs. Cold weather doesn’t have to mean backbreaking heating bills. The experts at Southern Trust Home Service have some advice on cost-effective heating system upgrades for your Roanoke home that will start

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