The Professional Edge: Choosing a Licensed Company Over a Handyman

  When faced with home repairs or maintenance tasks, homeowners often wrestle with the decision between hiring a handyman and opting for a professional company. While handymen can offer quick fixes at a potentially lower cost, the benefits of choosing a licensed, insured, and professional company, especially for plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical work, are

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A generator readiness plan ensures your unit will work when needed

Spring storms will soon head toward Roanoke and can bring along with them downed trees and flooding that can wipe out utility lines, leaving you and your family without power. Therefore, it’s a good idea to prepare for severe weather by investing in a whole-home generator and developing a generator readiness plan to ensure your

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Deathly silence: Southern Trust can ensure your generator is operating safely

Many hurricane victims perish long after the storm has passed, leaving darkened homes with no electricity in its wake. The cause: Carbon monoxide poisoning from improper use of generators indoors, or the inappropriate use of gas grills indoors. The experts at Southern Trust can ensure your existing generator is working properly and the user is properly schooled in its

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