Southern Trust adds event planner to handle bath division growth, outreach

We are proud to announce the addition of Kristin Hasty to our team of home services professionals! Kristin is our events manager. She was hired to help showcase our new bath services division and make sure Southern Trust is well represented at home shows across the Roanoke region. She has experience in planning and scheduling

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Only three things should go down your toilet: Toilet paper and items No. 1 and 2

In the United Kingdom, they call them fatbergs. They are giant conglomerates of grease, sanitary products, wet wipes and other unmentionables that are all flushed down toilets and wreak havoc on municipal wastewater treatment centers. Flush carefully. Flush responsibly. Remember, there are only three things that should be flushed down your Roanoke toilet: Toilet paper, and

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Southern Trust can keep your basement high and dry with a sump pump

Roanoke gets about 43 inches of rain per year, and most falls between April and August. That means the time to take steps to prevent basement flooding should start in March, at the latest, though there are obvious variables that can affect rainfall rates throughout the year. If your basement is prone to flooding, and

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