Go Digital with Smart Thermostats & Tankless Water Heaters
Upgrade to a Digital Thermostat, Go Tankless for Smart Holiday Savings

We’re pretty sure that Roanoke homeowners have better things to do with their money during the holidays than waste it on unnecessary heating costs. Cold weather doesn’t have to mean backbreaking heating bills. The experts at Southern Trust Home Service have some advice on cost-effective heating system upgrades for your Roanoke home that will start

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Shower head
Can Your Water Heater Handle Holiday Guest Hot Water Needs?

It’s November, which means it’s time to get your Roanoke home ready for holiday visits from friends and family. After lots of mopping and vacuuming and straightening up, the house might be tidy and gleaming, but have you considered the state of your water heater? With traditional storage-type water heaters, a tank is filled with

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