Tell-tale signs your Roanoke home has a sewer line issue

If your plumbing trouble extends beyond your house, we may have to sink to new lows. Sometimes slow-draining toilets and sinks are symptoms of a major plumbing issue in a Roanoke home, not just minor problems. They can mean your main sewer line needs maintenance. Potential issues run the gamut, from roots intruding into your

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Southern Trust can keep your AC humming over the Roanoke summer

Despite its mountain reputation and being tucked at the base of the Blue Ridge, Roanoke’s average high temperature of 87 degrees in July is on par with Atlanta. It already pushed 90 in early May. A hot summer lies ahead. It’s time for Southern Trust’s expert technicians to check your HVAC to ensure you’re not

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Time to Start on Your Bath Remodel

Getting fed up with the inconveniences of your current bathroom? Tired of dealing with poor piping or unsightly acrylic? If so, it’s time to plan your Roanoke bathroom remodeling project. But where to start? First, it’s important to consider all sides of what it means to commit to a professional bathroom remodeling project and make

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