It’s hurricane season. We can help you prepare for the worst even in Roanoke.

Think you’re safe from the effects of hurricanes in Roanoke and the rest of Southwestern Virginia? Camille and Isabel beg to differ. Camille came ashore in Mississippi in August 1969 as a category 5 hurricane with wind speeds of up to 200 mph, weakening quickly to a tropical depression as it headed northeast. Despite its post-tropical status,

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Southern Trust offers tips to reduce water consumption in Roanoke this summer

Water is truly the stuff of life, but the cost of its use – and misuse – can add up quickly, especially in the summer. Even though Roanoke is blessed to be in the relatively rainy Blue Ridge, water is still a commodity that comes with a cost. Here are five ways to reduce water

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Summer Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Summer is one of the busiest seasons of the year for our bathroom contractor experts at Southern Trust Home Services Featuring Luxury Bath. With many homeowners on vacation and spending more time at home, the summer months are a wonderful time to finish home improvement projects that we’ve been putting off for months. Bathrooms are

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