Resolve to protect your home’s plumbing this year

We’ve all made some interesting New Year’s Resolutions at one time, but here’s a resolution for your home that will help you and your family stay happy all year: be good to your plumbing system.

Ignoring your plumbing can create problems some simple maintenance could have prevented. So, here’s some plumbing resolutions that are sure to keep your water bills down and your comfort levels up:

  1. Keep your pipes warm

While it may be hard to completely warm them up during cold Roanoke winters, you can make sure you insulate all the pipes you have access to that are not kept warm in the house. Pipes that run outside or in garages or basements should be covered with insulation or pipe tape. This will help prevent frozen pipes and costly repair bills.

  1. Schedule your yearly maintenance

This is something we all tend to put off. We’d probably rather spend our time off relaxing or doing other chores but spending some time having a professional plumber check our drains and pipes is a lot less time-consuming than spending days trying to make repairs.

  1. Don’t forget the water heater

When you schedule your yearly plumbing maintenance, go ahead and have the water heater checked, as well. Having to take a cold shower at 6 a.m. on a January morning isn’t something most people want on their resolution list.

  1. Be kind to the environment and save yourself some money

Turn off the water taps when you’re brushing your teeth or loading the dish water, take shorter showers or resolve to install some water efficient faucets. Not only are you saving unused water, your water bills will be less expensive in the long run.

  1. Protect your drains

Watch what you flush and put strainers on your drains. These are two very easy ideas that will prevent clogs. Don’t flush anything that wasn’t intended to be flushed like wipes or toys (if you have children in the house) and your toilet should be fine. Putting in strainers on your sink and bathtubs drains will catch hair and other debris that can be thrown away in the trash instead floating down into your pipes where they can build up and clog them.


It may seem strange to have a resolution for your home’s maintenance, but this list is relatively easy to fulfil with just a little time commitment.


For more information on how to obtain a water heater or plumbing inspection, call your Roanoke plumbers at Southern Trust Home Services at  (540) 305-3861 today!

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