Dealing with Summertime Sewer Problems

clogged drain pipe

It’s already summertime in Roanoke, and while everything seems green and beautiful above ground, there could be a lurking problem just below the ground in and around your home. It’s the perfect time for sewer problems to make a mess of your wonderful summer.

Summertime Sewer Blues

During the summer, more people are using your plumbing. Let’s face it, the kids are home, relatives and friends are visiting, and you are entertaining more than in the winter months. As a result, your plumbing and sewer system is being stressed with all the added activity. This means clogs and backups can happen to worn-out systems.

Tree Problems

Tree roots clogging and breaking sewer lines are a big problem in the Roanoke area. We love our beautiful trees, but they can cause major sewer line problems if not monitored carefully. If you notice funny smells or depressions in your yard, you’ll want to call Southern Trust for a sewer line inspection before it gets worse.

Summer Thunderstorms and Flooding

Whatever the cause, you can be sure there will be severe and potentially dangerous rain events this summer. These major events stress even the newest sewer systems. Don’t be caught with clogged sewers during one of these weather systems, as backed-up sewage in your home can be a costly repair.

The costs and time lost to repair a sewage line backup into you home can be overwhelming. In addition, there is the potential that hazardous waste and chemicals will remain and need to be cleaned up after the sewage line is repaired. Not to mention the fact that many homeowner’s insurance policies do not even cover sewage backup repairs or replacement of household contents.

Before the summer is in full swing, have Southern Trust evaluate your sewer system to avoid a potential problem. Call (540) 343-4348 for an appointment today.

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