Don’t let summer electrical storms short circuit your electronic equipment

Late afternoon summer thunderstorms can sometimes offer a cool relief from the relenting heat of seasonal sun.

But they can also cause damage to your home’s electronic equipment if the storm causes a power outage or surge, or trips your home’s circuit panel.

That’s why the Roanoke electrical experts at Southern Trust Home Services recommend you consider a whole-home surge protector before it’s too late.

A whole-home surge protector is hard-wired to your main service panel and works like a filter that will only let in safe electrical current while blocking out dangerous high voltage current from entering the box to begin with.

Four of the most common reasons Virginia homeowners install whole-home surge protectors are:

  1. To protect electronic equipment and appliances. Instead of risking damage to your high-end computer or having to replace your home’s pricey Subzero refrigerator, a whole-home surge protector can keep them safe when the weather is bad.
  2. To layer surge protection. If you have an extensive home entertainment or office setup and a power surge runs through a shared circuit, the whole system could be compromised. By layering your surge protection to include both outlet-level protection and whole-home protection, you can prevent exposing your expensive systems to electrical vulnerabilities.
  3. To prevent internal power surges. Nearly 80% of power surges that affect your home’s appliances stem from within your home. Although they are very short-lived, these transient surges don’t cause major damage, but can shorten the lifespan of your equipment.
  4. To protect a home’s entire wiring system. When transient surges are emitted, they are sent back to the circuit panel where it can then go out to all a home’s outlets. A whole-home surge protector will stop transient surges before they can go throughout the home’s system.

Moisture and rapidly rising warm air are the reason summer sees more thunderstorms than any other time of year and predictions are that Virginia will experience more precipitation this summer. This is why you should consider whole-home surge protection now.

Our electrical technicians will work with you to help you with the protection you need. Call Southern Trust at (540) 264-3890  or request a service call online today!

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