Southern Trust’s App Makes It Easy to Maintain Your Furnace

Boiler room

If you had trouble keeping your home warm this past winter, you might be thinking about upgrading your Roanoke heating system to a newer model. We want to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible, so here’s how to know whether your HVAC just needs a little TLC, or whether it’s on the way out for good. 

Start with an HVAC Inspection

There’s a lot going on inside your home’s heating system, and for most homeowners, making heads or tails of it is almost impossible. While there are a few small repairs homeowners can take care of themselves, like replacing blown fuses or cleaning gas burners, other issues can be nearly invisible to the untrained eye. 

A licensed and insured heating professional can determine if your heating system is actually going bad, or if there are other factors at play. Sometimes, a heating system that appears dead may only need to be serviced or repaired, rather than replaced entirely. 

With Southern Trust’s new app, it’s easy to schedule a heating inspection and repair. Just open the app, click request service, and select the heating option to get started. Download the app today to get access to this and other useful tools!

When Should I Replace My Furnace?

After you’ve had a heating inspection, it’s really up to you whether you want to keep using your existing unit, or swap it out for a better one. But there’s still something to consider: in homes where the central heat and air system was added after construction or where extensions have been constructed, the unit may be inappropriately sized for the home. Inefficient ductwork can also make it difficult to heat a home uniformly. Make sure to ask your heating technician about these potential problems before you buy a new heater. 

If your heating unit is approaching the end of its useful life and parts regularly fail, it might be time to just replace it with a newer model. Whatever gremlins are plaguing your HVAC, Southern Trust can help find a solution. With our new app, it’s easy to access scheduled maintenance, repairs, financing and more. You can even see what deals we’re running, all in one place! 

Download Southern Trust’s app by clicking here, or contact Southern Trust online or over the phone at (540) 343-4348 to learn more. 


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