What Homeowners Need to Know About Installing a Natural Gas Grill in Roanoke

Modern stainless steel barbecue grill with staineless steel cupboards

There’s nothing better than a summer barbecue here in Roanoke. Whether you’re inviting friends over for a party, or just feel like treating yourself to a great steak, the grill is definitely the best way to cook outdoors. But what happens when the meal’s prepped, only to discover you’re out of propane or charcoal? With a natural gas grill installed by your Roanoke plumber at Southern Trust, you’ll never run out of fuel again. 

Why Use a Natural Gas Grill?

Compared to the alternatives, the advantage of a natural gas grill is pretty clear. Because they’re connected to your home’s gas lines, you never have to carry a heavy tank to the nearest drop-off point or store huge bags of charcoal in your home. Just like turning on a gas stove, you can be cooking in no time! 

Even better, with a natural gas grill, the fuel never runs out, and it’s often cheaper than propane. Coupled with more precise temperature control than charcoal, you’ll find that food burns less often and can be juicier and more flavorful. There’s also a hidden benefit: because you’re cooking outside, you’ll save money on your home’s cooling costs, too. 

For Proper Installation, You Need a Plumber

Because natural gas grills use natural gas, you’re going to need a plumber to install the gas lines and connections that can make it work. This isn’t a DIY job. Natural gas is a dangerous substance which can cause fires and explosions if it leaks. That’s why Virginia requires natural gas grills to be installed by a certified professional. But once your grill’s hooked up, it’s one of the safest grilling solutions around. These units can be installed in all the same places as propane grills, including porches, patios and decks.

Get an Early Start on Grilling Season with Southern Trust

Southern Trust can help you find and install your new gas grill now for a summer of grilling fun. If you need more information, or just can’t wait to get started, give us a call at 540-343-4348 or schedule a service appointment with Southern Trust online.  


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