Is Your Cooling Bill Too High?

Woman feeling hot and sweating at home

Another Roanoke summer is here, and if the predictions are correct, this summer’s heat could be a record breaker. Since there are so many different types of homes in our area, trying to find just one solution to cutting your air conditioning bill wouldn’t be effective. Why not try several of the options below to find the right combination that will make your home more comfortable in the coming months?

Plug up spaces where air can escape or infiltrate

One of the most effective ways to cut your cooling costs is to seal the areas where your cooled air is escaping and where the hot and humid outside air is seeping in. Drafty windows are a prime area to check for leaks, and weather stripping is the best way to close up those leaks. Most every hardware store carries a variety of weather-stripping products that will fit most homes.

Fix old or leaky AC ductwork

If your home is older, or if you notice drafty areas or rooms that are always cooler or hotter than the rest of the house, you may need to replace or repair your ductwork. Southern Trust technicians can conduct an inspection of your ductwork and suggest any needed replacement or repairs to reduce your energy bill, and help you enjoy your whole house again.

Tweak that thermostat just a few degrees

Yes, it’s really true. You can save up to 10 percent on your energy costs by adjusting your thermostat while you are away! The savings really add up by turning the AC up by 10 to 15 degrees for eight hours per day. So, when you are at work, turn that AC up and save — but if you have indoor pets, ask your vet before trying this!

In the Roanoke area, Appalachian Power offers several programs that could also help lower your bill, too. If you’re ready to schedule a duct check-up before another sultry Roanoke summer, contact Southern Trust today at  (540) 343-4348 or visit  

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