When was the last time the electrical system in your Roanoke home was inspected?

When was the last time the electrical system in your Roanoke home was inspected?

The end of winter is just about here, which means that many homeowners will be getting ready for spring cleaning soon. If you haven’t had the electrical system in your home inspected in a long time, trust the Roanoke electrical experts at Southern Trust Home Services to examine your home for any potential issues.

Why is it important to have your electrical system checked? After winter, moisture from snow and rain can get into your electrical wiring, which can lead to a dangerous situation if you were to have a wire short out. In addition, small animals often hide in warm houses to escape the cold of winter, which means that some of them may have chewed on your electrical cables. A thorough electrical inspection of your home should include:

Home Safety

An electrical system can have multiple failure points, which is why you need the trained electricians inspect your home. With over 20 years of experience in the area, our electricians are certified, licensed and insured to bring you peace of mind.

Rewiring Needs

If you have an older home, the spring is a great time to consider having areas of your home rewired for safety and security. From a full circuit replacement to rewiring specific parts of your home to fix problems, we can also repair and install electrical panels and circuit breakers as well.

Surge Protection:

Spring time means electrical storms, so this is a great time to learn more about surge protection services. If you are concerned about the valuable electronics you have in your home, you can be protected from electrical surges for your home electronics and appliances with a surge protection system that is designed to meet your specific requirements.

Spring time is just about here, so be sure to include electrical inspections, rewiring and surge protection as a part of your spring cleaning planning! Call Southern Trust Home Services at 540-685-0106 to have our friendly, courteous Roanoke electrical experts help you today!

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