Fall Outdoor Lighting Tips and Safety

As summer transitions to autumn, more and more homeowners will be enjoying the cooler evenings on their porches and patios, and an outdoor lighting system is the perfect complement to the change in weather. 


If not correctly installed and maintained, however, exterior lighting can pose some serious safety hazards. The Roanoke electrical experts at Southern Trust Home Services advise that all homeowners follow these tips to make sure your setup remains free from any potential dangers. 


  • Use outdoor-rated equipment: It’s vital that homeowners use only outdoor-rated fixtures, lightbulbs and extension cords, as they are able to withstand cold and wet weather conditions. When shopping for equipment, look for words like “weatherproof” or “weather resistant.” Alternately, lean on experts like those at Southern Trust for sound recommendations and solutions. 


  • Install covers for damp locations: Even if in a screened-in porch or under a patio, it’s important that your outdoor receptacles are protected with a door cover when not in use. Likewise, outdoor receptacles that aren’t under a roof also need to have a special “in-use” cover over them, which will ensure they stay dry even when it rains. 


  • Place lights in safe places: Be very cautious when setting up outdoor lighting near fountains and swimming pools. It’s also important to make sure your fixtures aren’t near flammable materials that can easily ignite like holiday decorations or dried grass. 


  • Turn off lighting when not in use: Turning off your outdoor lighting when it’s not being used can prevent your exterior setup from overheating and minimize the risk of fire hazards. 


Still have questions about your exterior lighting system? Contact the experts at Southern Trust Home Services at 540-343-4348 for more information about how you can keep your family and home safe this fall. 

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