Keep Your Outdoor Lights Safe and Bright This Summer


The season for spending more time outdoors is rapidly approaching. One of the highest-quality improvements homeowners can make is installing an outdoor lighting system, which can make your patio, porch or yard an attractive, welcoming destination for evening relaxation.

Exterior lighting can also contribute to the safety and security of your property, as a deterrence and for preventing falls and scrapes (and potential litigation or insurance claims). But it’s also important for homeowners to ensure that their outdoor lighting system doesn’t present any safety hazards.

The Roanoke electrical experts at Southern Trust Home Services recommend following these simple guidelines to ensure a fun, well-lit summer:

  • Use GFCI protection: Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) technology protects you and any outdoor appliances or devices from electrical charges. Check with a professional for installation, or if you’re not sure what to look for.
  • Only use outdoor-rated equipment: Fixtures, cords and bulbs should all be designed specifically for outdoor use. Various standards apply, depending on conditions, but expect any equipment to be exposed to greater extremes of heat, cold and moisture.
  • Keep flammable material away. Make sure lights are always a safe distance away from anything flammable, including flags, banners, paper, holiday decorations or plants.
  • Check for damage: Watch out for cracked fixtures, frayed cords and other obvious external signs of wear. Immediately replace any damaged or broken supplies.  

Don’t let a power outage or other electrical malfunction dim your summertime fun. For help with your outdoor lighting needs, call Southern Trust Home Services at (540) 343-4348 or contact us online.

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