Get Your Heating System Inspected While It’s Still Warm

Fall Maintenance

The official end of summer is almost here. Although cold weather might be the last thing on your mind, now’s the time to get the heating system in your Roanoke home inspected and tuned up. Don’t wait until the next winter storm to find out if it’s still working or not.

Maintenance Benefits

Over time, any mechanical system will break down. Regular inspections and maintenance can add years to the useful lifespan of home heating systems. The experts at Southern Trust can identify and fix small problems before they can turn into big expenses down the road. We can also advise other economical steps to take to reduce heating bills in the long run, such as installing a smart digital thermostat in your home.

An annual visit from our service experts can also maintain your heating system’s warranty. If something does go wrong during the warranty period, the manufacturer might not pay for repairs or replacement if there is no proof of regular maintenance. 

Keeping the heating system running at top capacity almost means lower energy costs during the winter. Without regular tune-ups and maintenance, heating systems will have to work harder to keep your house warm, meaning higher utility bills.

Furnace Problems

Natural gas and oil-burning heating systems can pose their own challenges. If the system wasn’t installed or maintained properly, it can endanger your household. Worn-out natural gas lines can break or leak.  Clogged flues can allow poisonous carbon monoxide to build up. The experts at Southern Trust can make sure everything is in working order to keep your family safe and warm all winter. 

Interested in getting your heating system ready for the winter? Contact Southern Trust today or call us at (540) 343-4348 for a heating system inspection and tune-up.

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