Get Your Roanoke Home’s Electrical System Inspected

Get Your Roanoke Home’s Electrical System Inspected

It’s shocking, but many Roanoke homeowners forget the importance of having their electrical systems inspected until it’s too late. Electricity is just one of those things it’s easy to take for granted — until you flip a switch and nothing happens or, even worse, there’s a pop, some smoke, and the lights go out.

Warning Signs

Homeowners should watch out for a few warning signs of problems with home electrical systems. If your lights flicker, it can mean there is a faulty switch or a loose connection. There is also the potential for faulty wiring, which can end up causing significant damage. Overheated wiring is one of the leading causes of house fires, posing great risk to your home and family.

If your circuit breaker keeps tripping, it can mean that you’ve plugged in too many devices or are using too many appliances on the same circuit. It can also be caused by short circuits in the system. This could lead to fires or extensive damage to wiring and appliances.

Importance of Electrical Inspections

If you notice these warning signs, do not ignore them. If the lights keep dimming, fuses keep blowing or circuit breakers keep tripping, there is the potential for serious problems with your home’s electrical system. It’s time to call the electrical experts at Southern Trust Home Services to troubleshoot any problems and provide the best, most economical solutions.

Even if you’re not noticing any signs of potential problems, head off any future troubles with our electrical inspection, rewiring and surge protection service. The cost of an inspection is far outweighed by the cost of repairing damage to your home from electrical problems. The best time to act is now. Call Southern Trust Home Services at 540-685-0106. Our friendly and professional Roanoke electrical service experts are ready to help you today!

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