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Bathroom Remodels Done Right the First Time

At Southern Trust Home Services, you’ll find we’re your pound-for-pound best contractor to turn your bathroom remodel into we did it right! Though an inexperienced company may charge slightly less, you’ll only end up paying more in the long run.

We deliver quality at a competitive price via our continuously trained experts who don’t take short-cuts. Quality, materials and workmanship just can’t be compromised. Which is why we’re proud to have been named 2017 “Contractor of the Year” by Contractor Magazine. Now it’s Time to Start Your Bath Remodel with Southern Trust Home Services.

Fed Up With Your Bathroom? Have Southern Trust Design Your Dream Bathroom today!

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Your Roanoke One-Stop-Shop for Stress-Free Shower & Tub Conversions

Just like style, over time showers and tubs can deteriorate. But besides these cracks, chips, and nicks being an eyesore, this deterioration can cause even more damage from mold, mildew and leaks where you can’t see. Our showers & tubs are 85% ABS (which is what is in a football helmet) + 15% acrylic. Tough enough to take on almost anything, smart enough to be Microban® antimicrobial coated and convenient enough to be real easy cleaning.

It comes down to quality. We use only the best materials and techniques, so your new shower or tub won’t chip, warp, distort, bubble, fade or discolor. We exclusively offer products with an antimicrobial protection layer engineered by Microban® which means our thick and coated materials protect you from mold and mildew and the daily scrubbing to upkeep. And we’ll give you multiple options that fit your space and taste. Over 85 color, texture, designs and pattern combinations, we give you solutions without sacrificing style.

Tired of that Same Old Tub? Switch it up with a New Shower Enclosure in your Bathroom Today!

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Our Accessibility Solutions Allow You to Remain Independent in Style

Keep Yourself Safe While Staying Independent with Bathroom Accessibility Remodeling

  • Quality – Materials & workmanship backed by our 100% guarantee
  • Safety – We exclusively offer products with an antimicrobial protection layer engineered by Microban® – we are the only bath company in the area that offers this
  • Accessibility & ADA – Stay safe and independent without sacrificing style
  • Your Convenience – Bathroom remodels in as little as 1 day with our One-Day Baths
  • Trust – Your job will be done right the first time. We don’t charge by the hour – it’s always by the job
  • Proven – A+ rating and an accredited BBB partner with 20+ years’ experience
  • Proud – to be named 2017 “Contractor of the Year” by Contractor Magazine

Roanoke’s Expert Bathroom Accessibility Designers & Installers

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