5 Ways to Conserve Energy this Summer

5 Ways to Conserve Energy this Summer

In the last few years, the South has experienced some of the hottest summers on record and our experience in Roanoke hasn’t been much different. Weather patterns show our summers will continue to steam while the cost of utilities will continue to rise. The pairing of hot summers and high energy prices means homeowners are looking for ways to stay cool while reducing their electric bills.

To get the most out of your air conditioning without breaking the bank, try these five ways to conserve energy this summer:

  • Install a programmable or smart thermostat. These thermostats can be used to keep your house warmer while you’re away or asleep. And because smart thermostats “learn” your routine, they can slowly bring the temperature back down before your return home or wake. This means you aren’t unnecessarily cooling your home.

  • Use fans with your AC. Fans by themselves don’t create cooler air but they are useful in spreading cool air throughout your home. And they’re cheap to use. Running a fan 24 hours a day, 7 days a week only adds about $5-$10 to your electric bill, but its boost will keep your air conditioner from having to run as much to cool your entire home.

  • Close your blinds. You may like how the sun lights up your space but keeping your blinds closed – at least during the hottest times of the day – can help you reduce some of your energy costs. Let your indoor plants get a little sun during the morning or evening when the sun isn’t as hot.

  • If you aren’t using it, unplug it. Your computer, toaster and TV all emit heat. Even if they are turned off, the act of merely being plugged in still creates a certain amount of ambient heat in the air. So, if you’re serious about saving money, unplug items you’re not using.

  • Have your air conditioner serviced. Keeping your AC properly maintained helps it run at its most efficient, which can save you money on energy costs. A tune-up also allows an HVAC expert to test the air conditioner to see if parts are worn or if there are other issues that should be addressed. This gives you time to make those repairs before the hottest days of the year are upon us.

Your Roanoke cooling experts at Southern Trust Home Services want you to stay cool this summer and hope these tips help you save some money this summer.

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