Rid your home of high humidity with these tips

With the Dog Days of Summer on top of the Roanoke area, many homeowners may still be feeling the effects of the high humidity even with their air conditioning unit running at a warp speed.

Humidity in the Southern United States is no joke. And, until William Carrier accidentally invented air conditioning in 1902, the South was considered far too hot for many year-round residents. Ironically, Mr. Carrier was trying to invent a way to dehumidify a factory in Brooklyn when he stumbled across what is the basis for modern air conditioning.

But, even with this cool invention, many homes still suffer from high humidity during certain times of the year. High humidity levels are harmful to your body because it slows your own evaporation processes. When sweat can’t evaporate, it can’t cool your body down, which can lead to heat strokes and even death.

Your Roanoke cooling experts at Southern Trust Home Service wants you to have the tools to combat this moist plague by offering the following tips:

  1. Run exhaust fans or ceiling fans. Exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom not only pull out obnoxious odors, they also excise humidity. Be sure you run them every time you cook or take a shower to get rid of additional moisture. Ceiling fans can also be used to help dry moist hair throughout the home.
  2. Change your AC filter. This is absolutely the best thing you can do for your HVAC system. Keeping the filter clear and free from debris allows your AC unit to run more efficiently.
  3. Use a dehumidifier. If your indoor humidity hovers above 65%, you probably need to get a dehumidifier. Whether you opt for a portable dehumidifier or a whole-home dehumidifier, getting one will help ensure proper humidity levels.
  4. Get plants that absorb humidity. Plants like Boston ferns, spider plants, peach lilies or a bamboo palm love moisture. And they will help regulate your home’s humidity levels. They’re also a good decorating accent.
  5. Don’t hang wet clothes inside to dry. While this is sometimes a necessity, if you have a dryer or can afford to head to the laundromat to use one, summer is the best time to make use of them. Wet clothes hanging in poorly ventilated rooms are a surprisingly common source of humidity.
  6. Don’t boil water. If you can forgo those hard-boiled eggs, rice or noodles during the summer, you’re better off. Boiling water while humidity levels are already high can put excess moisture into the air. Fry your eggs and using the microwave to boil your other foodstuffs might be a better choice.

If you think your air conditioning unit might be the main source of your humidity woes, feel free to give Southern Trust at call so we can assess the situation and recommend solutions to dehumidify your home. Simply call us at (540) 264-3890  or request a service call online.

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