Is it time to burst your pipes? When trenchless line repair is necessary.

If you’ve ever experienced a problem with a leaky underground pipe, you know how alarming it can be to have your yard, landscaping and even outdoor living spaces disturbed by the need to dig up an area to replace the pipe.

In the past, when this portion of your plumbing needed relining, repair or replacement, it often meant plumbers had to dig a trench the length of portion of pipe needing attention. But, with trenchless line repair, you no longer have the headaches of having to re-do your landscaping or repair a deck or patio that was placed over the pipe.

Often, many homeowners don’t realize they have an underground leak or obstruction until all of their indoor plumbing gets clogged, they notice a greener patch of grass in their yard, smell an unpleasant odor, or notice water pooling on their lawn or other locations around their home.

But once the leak is noticed, homeowners should call a professional plumber to correct the problem at once.

Benefits of trenchless repair

In addition to minimizing the damage done to your yard, other benefits of trenchless line repair are:

  1. Faster repair time. While traditional trenched sewer line replacement can take up to five days – even longer if you have to make repairs afterwards – trenchless repair only takes one or two days.
  2. A less expensive alternative. Because trenchless line repairs don’t need digging equipment and long-term patio, lawn or landscaping repair, it is much less expensive than its trenched cousin. Only two small holes need to be dug to complete the job which also means reduced cleanup costs.
  3. An environmentally friendly alternative to digging. Keeping your landscaping intact also means less disruption to plant and animal environments so your yard’s ecology stays safe.

How it works

Your Roanoke plumbing experts at Southern Trust Home Services use the pipe-bursting method of trenchless repair.

Pipe bursting is a method by which the existing pipe is opened and forced outward by a bursting tool pulled through the existing pipeline. The new pipeline is simply slid into the newly vacated space. Because this is a matter of one pipe filling the space the old one let behind, it’s most common that the replacement pipe is of the same size or only slightly larger. Larger size upgrades can be done but require more preparation.

Trenchless sewer liners are made of durable materials that are designed to last years without corroding, rusting or cracking.

If you think you have an underground leak, you may want to consider a new trenchless system. Call Southern Trust Home Services at (540) 264-3890  or request a service call online today to talk to us about how we can get your plumbing system back on track.

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