If your circuit breaker can’t handle your modern equipment, it may be time for an upgrade

The average home in Roanoke is about 20 years older than the national average of 40 years of age.

While these 60+ year old homes can be stately and beautiful, it does mean that many homeowners in southwest Virginia have outdated or overwhelmed circuit panels. These circuit panels need to be upgraded so that they are both safe and brought up to code.

Many of these older panels may only hold 20 or 40 amps, which is far short of what is needed to power all of today’s modern equipment. Some newer circuit panels hold up to 200 amps, and this may increase over time as Virginians continue to introduce updated electrical technology into their homes.

If you have noticed the following issues, your panel may be outdated:

  • Circuit breakers tripping frequently.
  • New appliances drawing more power than the outlet can handle.
  • Outlets shocking you when you plug something in.
  • Lights flickering or dimming.
  • A home remodel that has put additional demands on your panel.

The National Fire Protection Association estimates that more than 13% of all home structure fires from 2015 -2019 were due to electrical malfunctions. Upgrading your circuit panel can help safeguard against these types of fires.

The Roanoke electrical experts at Southern Trust Home Services will help you choose the right circuit panel for your home’s needs. We can ensure you have the appropriate electrical service and can repair and install any existing or new wiring as needed. We can assist with:

  1. The purchase of a new circuit breaker panel. Our experts can help you choose the right size and range for your home’s needs.
  2. The appropriate electrical service upgrade. Problems can develop if your circuit panel does not have the proper electrical supply coming from your Virginia utility company. We will work with the utility company to ensure the correct amount is supplied.
  3. Repairing existing wiring or installing new wiring. Once a circuit panel is replaced, your home’s wiring may not be suitable for the new panels. We can make sure your home’s wiring can handle the new supply.

If you’re ready for a circuit panel upgrade, but aren’t sure how to begin, call us at (540) 228-9287 to talk with one of our experts or schedule an appointment.

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