Trenchless sewer line repairs make fixing your pipes easier

Very few things are worse for homeowners to endure than a sewer line leak or break that dumps toxic sludge all over the yard or backs up a home’s sinks and bathtubs with smelly waste.

When you couple how disruptive digging trenches all over the yard to make the repair can be, the fix is almost as bad as the problem.

Thankfully, technology has advanced to the point that we can fix broken sewer lines without creating a bigger mess by using trenchless sewer line repair.

Your Roanoke plumbing experts want you to know the benefits of trenchless sewer line repair as you consider your options should you have sewer line issues.

Reduces damage to your yard

Trenchless pipe repair uses modern machinery to eliminate the need to dig up the yard surrounding the existing pipe. The only disruption to the yard are the small holes that are dug at the entrance and exit of the pipe. This allows the machinery to pull a new sewer pipe through an older damaged one by bursting the existing pipe as it moves along the line.

Reduces time necessary to complete the repair

Trenchless repair usually only takes one to two days, given the size of the repair while traditional repairs made by digging a trench and replacing pipes can take up the five days.

Less disruption for the neighbors

Because trenchless repair doesn’t require a lot of digging, there is less noise for the neighbors to have to hear and, usually, there is no need to have to dig in their yards to make the necessary repairs.

More affordable

Gone are the days when patios, pools or other yard items have to be torn apart or moved in order to dig a trench for pipe repairs. This drives down the cost of having to replace a sewer line. By digging small holes at the beginning and end of the repair area, our employees no longer have to dig trenches through your landscaping or expensive deck tiles, saving you money on having those repaired, as well.

If you are smelling fouls odors, have slow or clogged drains throughout your home or see waste in your yard, chances are you need a sewer line repair. If you’d like to take a look at our trenchless option, visit our website or call us at (540) 305-8559.

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