Make an Electrical Inspection a New Year’s Resolution

Starting the new year with an electrical inspection may be one way to keep a resolution to stay on top of household duties while simultaneously preparing your home for the rest of the winter ahead.

While it’s true that fires started by electrical issues can happen at any time, the fact is that they most often happen during the winter when people are using a variety of heat sources to stay warm.

As your Roanoke electrical experts, Southern Trust Home Services provides some reasons you should have an electrical inspection soon:

  1. Carbon monoxide leaks. When the temperature goes down, the furnace goes up. While this can make your home warmer, it also increases the chances that your family will be exposed to carbon monoxide. The furnace’s heat exchanger is where combustion occurs, and the air that is piped into your home circulates around this exchanger. If there’s a crack, the air can become filled with a carbon monoxide build up. Having an electrical or furnace inspection can show the cracks in the system. Fixing this issue lessens your chances of exposure. If you do not already have a carbon monoxide detector, consider getting one. It could save your life. Our electrical inspections also service existing CO and fire detectors.
  2. Identify fire and electrical hazards. If you have outdated equipment or issues with your wiring, an electrical inspection can find these issues. Cold weather can take a toll on your electrical components, especially if they are beyond their shelf life. Space heaters, electric blankets and other warming devices can put a strain on old wiring that may not be up to code.
  3. Target issues with outdated breakers. Breakers are also under strain from winter warm ups. If your breaker box is old or under recall, our experienced technicians will find out and let you know the best way to repair the problem.
  4. Protect your home against whole-house power surges. Winter storms can cause power surges that can ruin your home’s technology, appliances and even wiring. An electrical inspector can recommend various types of individual outlet protectors or a whole-house surge protector that will keep your products and your family safe from surging electricity.

Electrical problems can quickly escalate into some serious hazards in the home. They are the cause of most winter fires and even a small spark can cause injury to you or your loved ones. Putting off an electrical inspection can cause undue risks.

Ensure the safety of your appliances, electronics and even your loved ones by considering an electrical inspection. Call Southern Trust Home Services at (540) 343-4348 or visit our website to make an appointment today.

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