Breathe a little easier this April with tips from the Roanoke HVAC pros


April in Roanoke is a beautiful month. From the assortment of blooms to the wildlife sightings in the Blue Ridge area, the spring season here is equally appreciated by those of us living locally and those traveling through. For those with seasonal allergies, however, spring can introduce a unique set of challenges that don’t stop at the front door. At Southern Trust Home Services, our team of Roanoke HVAC experts work hard to keep the pollen, mustiness and sneezes out of your home.


Here are some tips to help maintain clean, easy-to-breathe indoor air this year as the rain and pollen moves in:


  • Take some time to inspect the weather stripping and seals around the home. Gaps around windows and doors don’t just let conditioned air out, they let pollutants in. Replace brittle and cracked weather stripping with easy replacements from your local home improvement store, and take a moment to make sure the door thresholds are adjusted to a proper height to maintain a snug fit.
  • Change your HVAC filter. We recommend changing them every 60 days, earlier if you have pets. If you can’t remember the last time you changed it, take the opportunity now to enter spring with a fresh filter.
  • Test the sump pump. Wondering what this has to do with indoor air quality? If your basement tends to take on water during heavy rains, mold and mildew can develop and impact your indoor air. Ensure that your pump is ready to move the water out, and invest in a dehumidifier if your humidity levels tend to climb in the spring.


If you’re still concerned about maintaining great indoor air quality this year after taking these steps, consider upgrading your HVAC to include a UV air sanitization system and a whole-home air cleaner. These systems function at a higher performance than standalone units, and they’re a great investment for those with severe seasonal allergies or pets that shed.


If you have concerns about your indoor air quality and want to ensure a worry-free spring season, call us at Southern Trust Home Services at (540) 343-4348, and we’ll be out before you know it!

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