Practice heating safety in your Roanoke home


Think about what we’re doing when we heat our homes and our water with fuel oil, propane or natural gas. We’re piping a flammable liquid or gas into our homes and setting it on fire! 


And yet we manage to heat our homes and water safely because a lot of folks, including inventors, engineers, manufacturers and the highly trained staff of your Roanoke heating experts at Southern Trust Home Services are all dedicated to your safety.


If you smell a gas leak, get everyone out of the house, including pets, and then call the fire department and the gas company to shut off the gas and investigate the source of the leak. Call us and we’ll fix the problem and arrange for an inspection so your gas can be turned back on.


Your furnace and water heater need enough combustion air to fire properly, so don’t pile up stored items around them. If they are in a small room, the door needs to have louvers in it to let air into the furnace room. If you can, leave the door open. Make sure you have a fresh battery in your carbon monoxide detector.


Your heating equipment is equipped with safety devices so that all of the electrical components, the burners, fans and the flue and venting work safely. Our expert service technicians are the ones to check and double check the proper functioning of those safety devices. That’s why you should call us for an annual service and maintenance check on all of your fuel-burning appliances.


Checking for fuel leaks is part of our annual service. We’ll make sure that every joint and connection, whether it’s in a gas line or fuel oil line, is leak-free.


Our experts will check and verify the safe operation of your fuel-burning appliances from the burners to the chimney. We’ll make sure all of the safety devices installed by the manufacturer on your equipment are working as they should. Every electrical component in your heater will be checked for proper functioning. Before leaving, the technician will make sure that the burner is firing cleanly and efficiently, and your equipment is venting up the chimney properly.


Call us for heating service at (540) 305-8385 to keep your home and family safe.

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