Be Thankful for Your Plumbing

I think this Thanksgiving turkey is baked!

When you sit down to Thanksgiving dinner this month and join hands to give thanks, remember your plumbing.

At Southern Trust Home Services, your Roanoke plumber, we encourage you to be grateful of your plumbing and the role it plays in the preparation and cleanup of the annual feast, from filling up the big pot to brine the bird to washing the last of the dessert plates after the family has devoured the apple and sweet potato pies.

To honor the vital role played by your plumbing, here’s how to protect it from now into the new year. First, if you haven’t called us for your annual fall service checkup, call us now. It’s never too late. In addition to cleaning and checking out your heating system, we’ll give your water heater a good once over. There’s no way you can clean, cook and entertain without hot water. We’ll make sure that your water heater will keep going from now all the way through the end of the football season.

Your kitchen sink and faucet will probably see more use over the holidays than at any other time and they have to be up to the task. Have you ever tried to turn the kitchen faucet on with your arm because your hands are goopy with raw poultry, stuffing or pie filling? Did you know that you can get a hands-free kitchen faucet that will turn on and off with either a wave of your hand or a touch with the non-goopy part of your elbow? Let us show you all of your options.

There’s a reason why the day after Thanksgiving is the busiest day of the year for plumbers. There’s a lot of food waste that’s put down the kitchen drain that should have gone into the trash can. Even the best of garbage disposals can get clogged by those tendons in turkey legs, sweet potato skins, eggshells and peach pits. Moderation is the key to using your garbage disposer. Don’t feed it in all at once and, if you have any doubts, toss it in the trash can.

If your tap water is discolored or smells funny, let us tell you about the benefits of a water softener, rust and iron filter, and a reverse osmosis filter system.

You don’t want to be embarrassed by a plumbing problem when your guests use your bathroom. We’ll make sure that your toilets flush properly each and every time. Are your toilets old water wasters? We install new toilets that are attractive, easy to clean, and that use less water. Does your bathroom sink drain properly? If not, we can fix any slow or clogged drain.

To make sure that your plumbing is in top shape throughout the holidays, call your Roanoke plumbing specialists at Southern Trust Home Services at (540) 343-4348.

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