Keeping Your Roanoke Tap Water Pure

Roanoke Water Quality

When it comes to household problems, remember the old saying, “It will all come out in the wash.” Well, this might not always be the case. Especially, if your Roanoke home suffers from hard water or high mineral content.

Clean, tasty tap water is an important part of maintaining great quality of life. But sometimes, whether it is from excessive mineral content or nasty stuff leaching from old pipes, the water coming out of your faucet would use some help.

That’s where the Roanoke plumbing experts at Southern Trust Home Services come in. Our service experts are ready to assist. We can test your home’s water quality, diagnose hard water issues and work with you to solve any problems.

We can install a water filtration system in your home to improve the water quality. If you’re used to hard water, you’ll notice an immediate difference when taking a shower or washing clothes. Plus, the water that comes out of the faucet will definitely taste better.

If the problem is aging, out-of-date pipes that can leach minerals and hazardous compounds into your drinking water, we can replace them with hygienic, long-lasting plumbing made of the latest materials. This will also ensure your plumbing can last for years longer without the threat of breaking or degrading. 

Improve Your Bathroom

It’s not just water quality that Southern Trust can improve. Even if your home’s water quality is great, who wants to spend time showering in a grungy, old bathroom? Our experts can offer quick, convenient bathroom remodels with upfront pricing and great financing options. We can also replace leaking, inefficient toilets and update the bathroom with nice, new lighting.

Contact Southern Trust today or call (540) 343-4348 for more information or installation of whole-home water filtration system.

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