5 Bathroom Safety Tips for Aging Loved Ones

Bathroom for disabled

As we age, we can find ourselves with reduced mobility, making everyday actions more difficult. This is especially true in the bathroom, where slippery floors and difficult-to-navigate obstacles can make it a treacherous place for our aging loved ones. A professional Roanoke plumber, like Southern Trust Home Services, can help make bathrooms safer and more accessible for older adults. 

If your loved ones plan to age in place, here are a few important things to consider changing in their bathrooms. 

1. Grab Bars and Slip Mats

Bathrooms can be one of the most dangerous places in the home, but there are steps that can be taken to limit the risk of an injury. The most common solution for people with limited mobility is having grab bars installed in the shower or tub, as well as around the sink and toilet. This can give older adults something to hold on to if they need to steady themselves. Also, consider adding a non-slip surface to the bottom of the shower or tub, and place a bath mat outside to absorb any stray water that may cause a slip hazard. 

2. Tub or Shower Seating

More than 60% of bathroom injuries happen in the tub or shower, according to the New York Times. If your older loved ones don’t have a stable source of bath seating, a shower or tub with built-in seating, or a sitting tub for adults with mobility issues, can provide security and peace of mind. These should be installed by a certified Roanoke plumber, who can also help improve other aspects of your loved ones’ bathroom. 

3. Toilet Seat Height

The height of the toilet seat can provide additional difficulty for older adults, as the average toilet height can make using them more difficult for individuals with reduced mobility. Consider having a taller, ADA-compliant toilet with a 17-19” rim installed for ease of access and use. 

4. Door Direction

If a loved one has a fall in the bathroom, an inward-swinging door can make it more difficult for emergency personnel or family members to help them. Consider reversing the direction of their bathroom doors so they swing outward. 

5. Better Lighting

Finally, most bathrooms can be darker than other parts of the home. Vision can decline as we age, and many standard lights can make it hard for older adults to see. Consider having brighter lighting and fixtures that don’t block or color the light installed by your Roanoke electrical experts at Southern Trust. 

If you’re looking to make a bathroom safer for aging family members, contact Southern Trust Home Services or give us a call at (540)-343-4348.  

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