When a Bathroom Remodel Turns into a DIY Nightmare

Elegant Bathroom in New Luxury Home with Two Sinks, Bathtub, and Cabinets

You’ve been planning to remodel your Roanoke bathroom for years, and now you’re ready to start. Before taking the plunge, though, consider whether the project might require professional help.

Plumbing Problems

While we’re sure the DIY skills of our Roanoke neighbors are top-notch, one mistake with bathroom plumbing can end up costing thousands in emergency repairs. Southern Trust Home Services recommends considering several factors before starting a DIY remodeling project:

  • Age of plumbing. Old pipes might not be able to put up with the stress of new bathroom fixtures. They can also be more prone to bursting or leaking.
  • Frequent or hidden leaks. A licensed plumber can fix leaking pipes or find the hidden leaks that can damage your home over time. The experts at Southern Trust can also recommend whether it’s time to repipe your aging plumbing system.
  • Clogged drains. If your drains are improperly installed or aren’t working right, it can lead to inconvenience or even damage to your home.

Remodeling Benefits

Instead of taking on a project that might turn out to beyond their DIY skills, Roanoke residents can rely on the bathroom remodeling experts at Southern Trust Home Services to make sure the job is done right and economically.

As part of your bathroom remodel, Southern Trust can install high-efficiency, water-saving and energy-conserving faucets and toilets that will help reduce monthly water bills. In addition, we can swap out your existing water heater with a tankless model that can supply virtually limitless hot water for less.

Southern Trust Remodeling Services

Ready to start? Southern Trust’s plumbing experts can complete a bathroom remodel in as little as one day. We make the process easy and stress-free with upfront pricing and financing options. Contact Southern Trust today at (540) 343-4348 to get the bathroom you deserve.

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