Keep your Roanoke home’s air healthy during the holidays

Southern Trust can clear the air for your family

A lot of outdoor allergens take a vacation from Roanoke during the winter. That doesn’t mean your family is in the clear, even if they stay tucked inside your comfortable home. If your indoor air quality isn’t up to par, they might be better off getting outside for a while.

The Roanoke indoor air quality specialists at Southern Trust take air quality seriously all year long. It’s important for your family’s health, especially if you plan on hosting guests during the holidays. Here are four steps we can take to ensure your home’s air is clean as can be all winter long.

  • Duct cleaning. You don’t want to know what’s lurking in your Roanoke air ducts. Trust us, it’s not pretty. The average household produces about 40 pounds of dust per year. That dust ends up in your ducts and gets spewed out every time your HVAC cycles on.
  • Air-purifying filtration system. We can install a range of filters in your home to vastly improve its air quality. They include ultraviolet and particle-charging filters.
  • Whole-home humidifiers. We are all familiar with the dry throats and nasal irritation that a dry home can cause in winter. Our whole-home humidifiers can ensure there is ample moisture in your home, even when your heating system is working overtime.
  • Carbon monoxide detectors. If you have gas-fired appliances in your home, there’s always a chance of a CO leak. We can install detectors that warn your family of even very small amounts of carbon monoxide, which is among the most dangerous indoor pollutants.

You are probably going to spend a lot of time at home this winter. Make sure the air your family is breathing is clean and safe. Contact Southern Trust today or call (540) 343-4348 for a home air-quality assessment.

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