April 25 is National Hug a Plumber Day

Hug a Plumber Day

April 25 is National Hug a Plumber Day, and there’s a long list of reasons you should bestow a bro-hug on Southern Trust technicians and other plumbers.

Here are five reasons you should show some plumbers some love in Roanoke and beyond:

  1. Clean water. People in less developed parts of the world have to spend hours a day securing clean water – if they can at all. Plumbers make it possible for your Roanoke home to receive clean water in a cost-effective fashion.
  2. Water conservation. Plumbers not only provide fresh water to your home, they do so in an efficient manner that conserves this precious resource and can reduce your household’s water consumption. This also conserves your money.
  3. Disease prevention. You will rarely hear about diseases such as cholera in this country. That’s because the vast majority of homes now have indoor plumbing, and potentially dangerous waste is whisked away. Unchecked waste disposal spreads disease and contaminates water in a vicious cycle of sorts.
  4. Peace of mind. Would you know what to do if your plumbing stopped working or if your water supply was interrupted? Plumbers do, and their expertise can allow you to rest easy, knowing that if there’s a problem, the techs at Southern Trust know how to fix your problem. We can also respond 24/7 to any problem you may have.
  5. Comfort and home value. A new bathroom makes the most-used room in your home more comfortable and accommodating, reducing stress and imparting comfort and calm. A high-quality modern bathroom can also greatly increase the value of your home.

There are many more reasons to show plumbers some love. Contact Southern Trust online or call 540-685-0106 for more information on the true value of our talented technicians. And don’t forget to hug a plumber on April 25.

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