Five ways Southern Trust can clean the air in your Roanoke home


If the thought of inhaling dust mite feces doesn’t make you think about the indoor air quality of your Roanoke home, Southern Trust Home Services honestly doesn’t know what will.

How about pollen? Dust? Animal hair? They are all hanging out (literally) in the air of your home, and you and your family are inhaling these substances. That can lead to aggravated allergies, asthma and untold health respiratory and other health effects. In many cases, the air in your home can be dirtier than the seemingly polluted air outside.

Southern Trust has indoor air quality solutions to help your family breathe a little easier. We can take spring cleaning to a whole new level by scrubbing the air in your home.

Here are five ways we can do it:

  1. Duct cleaning: Our expert techs can handle this delicate task. It’s not just a question of manually scrubbing out your ducts. It takes specialized equipment, intimate knowledge of air pressures and a qualified and certified technician.
  2. HEPA filters: We can install a high-energy particulate filter that can remove nearly 100 percent of airborne particles from your home. That includes the aforementioned dust mites and their excretions, dust, mold spores and animal dander.
  3. Humidity control: A humid environment is conducive to mold growth. We can install humidity controls in your home that will leave your air drier and cleaner.
  4. Germicide: We can install a highly specialized germicidal ultraviolet lamp to kill and sterilize indoor air particles to drastically improve the overall quality and health of your indoor air.
  5. Air purification: We can fit air purification systems to your HVAC system to fully filter indoor air pollutants.

Address the unmentionables floating in the air of your Roanoke home. Contact Southern Trust today online or call 540-685-0106 for top-of-the-line indoor air quality solutions.

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