Here are five signs your heat source is on its last legs

Here are five signs your heat source is on its last legs

What’s the worst time to learn you need a new furnace? When the temperature bottoms out in winter, of course. That was certainly the case in Roanoke this winter, when temperatures plunged to unusually cold levels.

Luckily, there are some tell-tale signs your furnace or heat pump is on its last legs. Knowing these signs of a failing furnace can keep you ahead of the winter-weather curve. If you suspect it’s time for a new heat system, Southern Trust Home Services can inspect your furnace or heat pump and make recommendations for a new one that suits your home heating needs.

Here are five indications it might be time to prepare a funeral for your furnace:

  1. Most furnaces have a lifespan of 15-20 years. Regardless of whether it’s on the obvious fritz, you will likely have to bite the bullet soon and install a replacement, so plan your home maintenance budget accordingly.
  2. If your heating bills fluctuate or trend upward perpetually, that could be a sign something is amiss. Aging furnaces become increasingly inefficient, and that is normal, but if your heat bill is through the roof each winter month, your furnace should be checked out.
  3. If you hear rattles, pops or squeals whenever your furnace cycles on, this could be a sign something is amiss mechanically.
  4. If you notice soot or discoloration around registers or vents, this could be a sign your furnace is not fully combusting or firing correctly. This could also be a sign your furnace may be producing unhealthy, or potentially deadly, carbon monoxide.
  5. Like your car, the need for furnace repairs will increase with age. And, like your car, it may reach a point where it’s more economical to replace it. Fortunately, newer furnaces tend to be more energy-efficient and will cost you less to heat your home.

Nobody likes to shell out money for a new furnace, but you can’t really put a price on safety and providing a warm and comfortable environment for your family.

Contact Southern Trust today and we can help you make the call on your furnace, and identify the best and most economical options for a new heating source.

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