Southern Trust can help weather the storm

Southern Trust can help weather the storm

National Emergency Preparedness Month came this year at both a fortunate and disastrous time.

Hurricane Harvey set a rainfall record for the continental U.S. when it barreled ashore near Houston in late August, and floodwaters have yet to fully recede. Hurricane Irma followed close behind Harvey, devastating parts of the Caribbean before spreading damage and flooding across most of Florida. It was the first time the U.S. mainland experienced back-to-back category 4 hurricanes.

Southern Trust is keeping those affected by the disaster close to our hearts.

While a full-blown hurricane is not likely to retain its strength so far inland in the Roanoke area, the September observance reminded us of the need to be prepared for any number of disasters. We can help you prepare for the severe weather events that do strike the Roanoke area, like blizzards, severe thunderstorms and flooding. Here’s how:

  • Generators: This is perhaps the most important piece of storm-survival equipment. If you lose power for prolonged periods of time, hardships can arise quickly. Power can fail in any number of scenarios, be it a blizzard, a flood or a tornado or thunderstorm. We offer full installation and maintenance services on generators, including backup generators that switch on the second a power outage is detected.
  • Drain and sewer services: While Texas received astonishing and unprecedented amounts of rain from Hurricane Harvey, Roanoke sees its fair share of flooding. If a severe weather system carrying loads of heavy rain is on the way – perhaps even from the remnants of a hurricane moving far inland – we can make sure all outside drains are clear and ready for a load of water. We can also ensure your sewer system is flushed and draining properly.
  • Sump pumps: A flooded basement poses problems for the entire house – from air quality issues and odors to molds and fungi. Our plumbing experts can maintain, service or install sump pumps if you live in a low-lying area at risk of flooding or your basement takes on water during heavy rain events.
  • Surge protection: The last thing you want is to lose all your family photos because your home computer was fried by a lightning strike. Any and all sensitive electronic devices like computers, laptops and televisions are vulnerable to a direct strike to your home’s power system if they are plugged in. Our electrical experts can protect your home – and everything that’s plugged to a power source in it – by installing surge protectors that protect your electronic devices and appliances against electrical surges caused by lightning.

Visit our website or call (540) 707-0960 to disaster-proof your home. Remember, we are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond to any weather-related or home service needs. Stay safe.

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