Don’t let the grandkids suck your hot water dry

Don’t let the grandkids suck your hot water dry

Even in the hottest depths of summer, you need hot water.

The Roanoke Valley is a prime vacation spot, and many play host to family members and friends over the course of a summer. And it never fails: After the cousins, grandkids, siblings and parents have all had their showers and steamed up your bathroom and left a mess of wet towels everywhere, you, the host, finally get your shot at a shower. And….there’s no hot water.

Southern Trust Home Services, the Roanoke area’s most-trusted HVAC, plumbing and electrical experts, has a solution for you this summer: tankless water heaters. Not only can they accommodate the hot-water needs of you and your extended brood, they can save you money.

How do they work?

Simply put, tankless – on-demand — water heaters heat water directly, negating the need for a big, bulky water heater in the corner of your garage and basement. When a tap is turned, cold water is heated via gas or electricity, providing a near-constant flow of hot water on demand.

Not that you can relax in a constant flow of warm water – tankless heaters can deliver about 5 gallons a minute, or more, depending on their heat source. So if you have regular summer visitors, you may want to consider two such units. Supply can also be limited if you are running appliances and bathwater simultaneously.

Save money and space

While tankless water heaters are more expensive up front than regular water heaters, households can recoup the costs fairly quickly. On-demand heaters can cut energy use by up to 35 percent, resulting in immediate savings of at least 35 percent a year, according to the Department of Energy. The savings accrue largely from negating the need for a perpetual heat source for your traditional water tank.

They are also a good solution to remote bathrooms or hot tubs, and can be used to augment solar water heaters, according to the Department of Energy.

Tankless water heaters also need less maintenance because of the simplicity of their design and parts when compared with a traditional water heater. They’ll also occupy less space in your home – they are typically about the size of a small suitcase or briefcase and can be mounted on a wall. Every family needs more storage space!

Contact Southern Trust Home Services today at 540-685-0106 to learn more about tankless water heaters – quickly, before your family comes for its next visit.

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