Add a sump pump to protect your Roanoke home

Add a sump pump to protect your Roanoke home

The experts at Southern Trust Home Services can protect your Roanoke home’s basement against flooding and water damage with sump pump installations and repairs. There are a wide range of pumps available to meet your needs. We can repair existing pumps and install new ones to help you protect your basement from water and mold damage.

Knowing what to look for includes knowing what Southern Trust Homes can do to protect your home.

Sump pumps

There are two common types of sump pumps Installed in homes with basements and in older homes prone to flooding or water buildup.

A submersible sump pump is housed in a hole or sump pit. Overflowing water runs into this pit through drains or overflow and is pumped out of the home via a pipe.

A second type is the pedestal pump, with a motor located above the sump pit. Both styles push water out of the pit through the pipe when the water becomes high enough to activate a pressure sensor. The pipes leading from the pump out of the house include a one-way valve to prevent a backflow problem. Outgoing water may be sent to the lawn, a cistern or a sewer line.

Why you should have one installed

The wet weather in the Roanoke area during spring and summer can lead to problems in your home. Installing a sump pump or ejector pump can remove any excess water from your home due to flooding or unexpected leaks. They can safeguard your home and belongings from damage and prevent mold growth from occurring in basements.

Another important reason to install a sump pump in your home is to reduce fire risks. It may sound odd, but most home electrical fires start when rising water shorts out large appliances or water heaters. Beyond protecting against water and mold damage, they can protect from this unexpected danger, too.

Homes located in areas prone to flooding or rising water levels need a sump pump to offer protection from serious damage. If you are ready to have a sump pump installed or need service on your existing model, call Southern Trust Home Services at 540-685-0106 to talk with our friendly, courteous Roanoke experts today.

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